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Fresh Fish From The Ocean

fresh fish from the ocean


I was in Florida on a winter break from NYC's cold during the holiday season in December. While visiting my old buddy Frank an interesting exchange took place. Frank is a life-long fishing enthusiast, he takes his small boat out into the waters of the Atlantic off the South Florida shores as often as he can. 

Frank had a plate of fresh caught Wahoo fish prepared for us to snack on. Very fresh, served completely raw, just topped with a little sauce and seasoning. It was amazing. I think I ate most of it myself not thinking that he may be hungry.

Without putting any thought or planning into it I just came out and said; "Wow! this is so good, eating raw fish right from the local waters here makes me think about how important it is that we are conscious of how our oceans are treated. If there is toxic pollutants being dumped into the waters thousands of miles away, even on the other side of the planet, it eventually becomes a problem for everyone's oceans and seas. Our entire environment."

Frank paused for a few seconds, then pointed at the logo on the front of my shirt and said with a level of surprise and sincerity I am not used to hearing from him; "Now I see why you guys are calling your company ALL ONE, it makes sense."

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