ALL ONE Skateboard School

October 31st, 2019 - ALL ONE UNIVERSE in collaboration with the Nara Roller Sports Federation has officially launched ALL ONE New York Skateboard School in Yamatokōriyama Japan.

ALL ONE's Skateboard School is a not-for-profit organization, its mission is community based interaction with parents and children in skateboarding education. Involvement with local government is also a key component. Having their support in building and promoting skateboarding as an athletic and creative pursuit will be critical to the growth of skateboard culture.

“Would you like to challenge yourself to study abroad in New York, USA?”

As part of the program, students that excel in their efforts and show good progress will have the chance to earn a trip to New York City to take private lessons and skate with the NYC ALL ONE CREW. They will visit local NYC skate parks and skate shops as well as experience city life as a skateboarder. 

"Inclusivity and Connecting Generations are key values for ALL ONE. We see our involvement with the skateboard school as a strong and important cause closely related to the history of the ALL ONE team and mission."

- Rodney Smith (All One Founder)

 A unique program because of its relationship and ties to NY Skateboarding, ALL ONE New York Skateboard School will certainly grow and find a place in several cities. A perfect compliment to the brand and its ethos.


Respect Our Universe! ALL ONE

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