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16 year old Isamu Yamamoto from Otsu City Japan recently joined the ALL ONE team to represent us as a professional skateboarder and brand ambassador to his entire lifestyle.

Isamu is a three time world champion freestyle skateboarder. Thousands of people globally are aware of Isamu's multifaceted life by following his Instagram. All One's Rodney Smith wanted to get a little more info on Isamu, an idea of what drives his passion and his thoughts on skateboarding in 2019.

How do you feel mentally when you are skateboarding?

Usually very excited. Especially when I'm trying and making new tricks

With your recent accomplishments in skateboarding and growing worldwide recognition, do you have long list of sponsorships?

I am currently skating for; Powell Peralta - - All One Universe - Good Skate Park - Nara Roller Sports Federation - Bang & Olufsen - Bustin Boards (for longboad freestyle) - JMKRIDE (for free skates) - Power Balance - Decomposed Skate boards as well as Insta 360.

What discipline of skateboarding do you practice?

I skate a hybrid style, it is mainly freestyle mixed with street skating.

I like this combination because It's fun to do a wide variety of tricks. People who see me skating often think it's also fun to watch.

Who would you say some of your favorite & most influential riders are?

Without a doubt; Rodney Mullen - Kilian Martin - Jason Park - Richie Jackson - Daewon Song - Chris Haslam - Go Miyagi - Lotfi Lamaari (longboarding) and Mattie Tyce, June for free skates.

How do you feel about competitive skateboarding versus Core Street Skating?

Both are important for skateboarding itself and for its culture. I want to keep doing both of them.

It's possible to let people see that skateboarding is one of the greatest sports by exposing them to organized competition. Because many people still regard skateboarding as the "naughty one's play". I think this gives it a bad image. But that is very one-sided.

Competitive skateboarding is limited in many ways as well, for instance, tricks, areas, time... I want to do various tricks, not only in competition, but also at many different spots and locations, in a variety ways. I often shoot videos to show people there is much more beyond a contest or skate park.

Skateboarding in the Olympics. What do you think, is it positive for the overall culture of skateboarding ?

Yes, of course, I think it will be positive. It can change the image of skateboarding for the better. So many people see skateboarding is bad. Also recently, the number of skaters who do it as a good and wholesome sport has been increasing. Actually, a lot of kids start skateboarding as a sport (not as a child's play) and their parents support them in my country.

But, besides image, I have one thing I'm worried about. Since the disciplines that are in the Olympic games are Street Style and Skate Park, people's interest in skateboarding may be focused only on them, not on Freestyle or Vert Skating. So I'm afraid that Freestyle and other disciplines of skateboarding may become less popular.

What are your other interests and pursuits aside from skateboarding ?

I love, Free Skates and Freestyle Longboarding. I am very involved with creative things, art, making stop motion animation, and drawing cartoons. I also love insects and little animals like reptiles.

If you had a chance to change the world with skateboarding, what would you do to accomplish this on such a mission?

all one universe - isamu yamamoto
I have met so many people since I started skateboarding and made many friends in various places around the world. I would like to show my skateboarding skills to as many people as possible and spread this wonderful sport throughout the world. I hope this inspires people become friends and bond with each-other through the power and enjoyment of skateboarding.
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