Memories of FLACO the Owl

"Tributes poured in Saturday for Flaco, the beloved Eurasian eagle-owl that became a feel-good New York story after escaping its Central Park Zoo enclosure and flying free around Manhattan." - ABC News

Flaco the Owl in Central Park
Photo: Courtesy of Francois Portmann - Follow Francois' nature photography on Instagram
I had the pleasure of seeing Flaco twice in Central Park during the winter and spring of 2023. Finding out about his tragic death prompted my memories of those times. 
Flaco was calm and well composed, I would never have noticed him if had it not been for the crowds gathered below and photographers with professional cameras and zoom lenses. Unfazed by his audience while perched upon branches high above, Flaco looked past the human beings as they were of no current threat. He was resting until his next opportunity came into site.
I will miss Falco and hope that his visibility brings us more love and appreciation for nature.
Rob Rodrigues