School Days - Japanese Students Earn Their First NYC Visit

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Video highlights of Shun and Reito, our first visiting skateboard students from Japan.

It was a an action packed five days for Shun & Reito. Starting on Saturday at Flushing Meadow park, skating at the iconic Unisphere and Maloof skate park. Sunday they hit LES skate park with local, David Anders. Monday it was TriBeCa skate park with Pete Betti and Tuesday at Chelsea, Pier 62 skate park with Quillen Bender. Wednesday we gathered the entire ALL ONE CREW and did a flat ground skate jam open to all skaters from the community. 

While hitting all of these spots and being coached by some of our advanced riders, we also got in a lot cruising through the city's bike lanes, checking out some skate shops and many food spots.

"This was an enlightening experience for the ALL ONE team as well as our visiting Japanese students. We look forward to carrying on this program by hosting our next visit in early Spring, 2020." - Rodney Smith


Video Film & Editing; Khaleeq Alfred -


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