Skateboarding Hall of Fame

ALL ONE Founder, Rodney Smith Accepts 2021 Hall Of Fame Induction On Behalf Of Mike Vallely

rodney smith skateboarding hall of fame mike vallely

Rodney Smith with Vallely's award. Photo: @akiraruiz

"The Skateboarding Hall of Fame put the wrong name on this trophy. No worries, I made sure it got into the possession of its rightful owner, my Friend, Mentor, and Hero, Rodney Smith. I would not have had the professional career I’ve had without Rodney—Actually, I may not have even kept Skating had I not met and been Encouraged and Inspired by Rodney. I and really, all Skaters from New Jersey and New York owe Rodney Smith much more than a trophy, that’s for sure. As a founder of East Coast Skate brands Shut and Zoo York and a Mentor to countless amateur and pro Skaters, @all_one_rodney_smith is THE MOST IMPORTANT SKATER to emerge from the Northeast—Hall of Fame or not. Now, if I can just get the Skateboard Hall of Fame to issue this trophy with the correct name and induct and issue awards to my parents and my wife, Ann, all will be right in the universe." - mike vallely


mike vallely skateboarding hall of fame

A young Mike Vallely appropriating a shopping center parking lot for skateboarding. 

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