Transportation Alternatives

In Transit Heading up Hudson Street - Photo courtesy of Pete Betti & Sure Skateboards.


I knew a woman who lived in New York City on east 30th street, She used to take a mile and a half taxi ride to 59th street to jog the six mile loop in Central Park. On a similar note, I have a friend who lives in an exclusive gated housing development in Florida, he drives his giant SUV three blocks when he goes to the community gym.

Both of these true stories seem counterintuitive to me. If you don't like running on city streets, jump on the subway or bus, walk the three blocks to the gym. Local transportation can be green and less damaging to the health of our planet. This makes me think about our first love, skateboarding and how it can play a critical role in green transportation for city dwellers. The crew at ALL ONE is Mad into a reduced Carbon Footprint. Living in a city, it is obviously easier to use alternative or mass transit. But wherever  you live,  if you can, when you can, try to go for the more eco-friendly method. We are big advocates for skateboarding as a form of local and urban transportation. - Rob Rodrigues

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